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Sunday, August 17, 2008

GTA 4 - Game Environments

GTA 4 - Game Environments

Based on several of the boroughs of N.Y. City and parts of N. Jersey, Liberty City, very familiar to players of previous GTA games, has been entirely redesigned for Grand Theft Auto 4.

Players can expect visible detail down to the weeds growing in the cracks in the sidewalk, cars and buildings of visibly different ages and a much greater level if verticality in the buildings and bridges that they are able to explore as Niko moves through the city streets.

In addition, pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto IV are much more realistic. No longer simply moving cardboard cutouts, these NPCs are intelligent, modern, human representations that laugh, cry, eat, drink, use cell phones and ATMs, and talking amongst themselves regardless of Niko’s interaction with them.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

GTA IV: Grand Theft Auto 4 on PS3 or Xbox 360

GTA IV: Grand Theft Auto 4 on PS3 or Xbox 360
by Alexa Peters

GTA 4 on PS3 or Xbox 360 is the first console game on IGN that has earned a perfect 10 since 1999. The reviewer says that "GTA IV is the best game he's played in the last ten years". The game is also known as GTA 4 or GTA IV. The Grand Theft Auto series has always been a mega-hit in video game sales. Based upon the feedback and anticipation for this game, it has the potential to be one of the biggest games for 2008.

A fictitious place named Liberty City is designed as a plot in the GTA series. It is the main place where all the action would take place. The main protagonist Niko (player) comes to America after accepting invitation from his cousin. Nicko comes to to America with great expectations to give wings to his American dream, but as a matter of fact everything turns against his expectations and dreams. He gets over his head in debt which leads him to the criminal underworld. Life changes for the worse, as he owes a a large sum of money to some very bad people.

GTA IV reinvents the GTA series with an updated version of Liberty City detailed potholes in streets and rooftop air conditioning vents. There are more boroughs to explore plus extra area outside of Liberty City limits. GTA isn't particularly suited to straight-up team death match. For example - the mechanics and arena are simply not a fit for such competition. GTA 4's world is simply too interesting: during most death match games you'll wish you could go and explore an alley or drive a car into the sunset without someone shooting at you with a rocket launcher.

Grand Theft Auto 4 is being hailed as the rock star of video games and is the most refined and polished release in the whole of the franchise history. Few games deliver on the hype this one does. Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the first games to utilize Natural Motion's Euphoria engine for realistic body movement, and from what has been previewed, this animation engine deserves the hype. Bodies react realistically to gunshots, legs bend naturally to uneven terrain, and you can see momentum in running and stopping motions.

In addition, Grand Theft Auto 4 is the first time that online multiplayer is available to console players. Rock Star has taken cues from other modern online games and added their own Grand Theft Auto twist. All eyes are on how Rockstar is going to set up the multi-player; it can either be great or terrible.

A note of caution is that parents need to be aware that Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 is generally rated 'M' which means, this game should be played only by matured people over 17 years of age. The reason for this rating is that there is a fair amount of violence and nudity.

Many video gamers believe that Grand Theft Auto 4 is the very best that the medium has to offer right now, as close to perfect as any game has yet come. The flaws are probably there for those who really want to find them, but the overall experience far eclipses any momentary frustrations.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

GTA 4 - Grand Theft Auto IV (Trailer 4): "Good Lord What Are You Doing?" AKA "Everyone's A Rat"

GTA 4 - Grand Theft Auto IV (Trailer 4): "Good Lord What Are You Doing?" AKA "Everyone's A Rat"

The final trailer before the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, "Good Lord What Are You Doing?" AKA "Everyone's A Rat" is now live.

GTA IV - Trailer 4

Sunday, March 23, 2008

GTA IV(4): Liberty City Has Never Looked So Good

Grand Theft Auto IV(4): Liberty City Has Never Looked So Good
by Ivan A. Cuxeva

A great social experiment gone wrong, that's how Rockstar describes their PS3 game "Grand Theft Auto 4" This game has evolved from the original PC version over the years and it's now ready to be launched a state of the art product where entire cities are simulated, this game is also available for Xbox 360. This game is actually rated 18+ so no youngsters should be allowed to play this game since there is a lot of violence, language and inappropriate situations; besides the ratings and restrictions those who are able to play it will definitively enjoy the great deal of detail the guys at Rockstar North put on this game.

Liberty City is a fictitious multi-cultural American city where all the action takes place. Then main character Niko (player) comes to America after being invited by his cousin Roman in order to find wealth and improve his life style, in other words he comes to live the American dream, however things turn out quite bad when he gets in debt and its dragged into the criminal underworld. Life can be quite miserable when you owe bad people something and the entire city worships money and status, this is the whole scenario Niko Bellic (the player) will have to face. Also, you might find some similarities among Liberty City and New York City as well as New Jersey.

Grand Theft Auto is known for its great deal of violence and shall we say "action" but this time around the guys at Rockstar are being congratulated for the incredible work done by the graphics team. Liberty City has been created and rendered with amazing precision and detail, so much so that it is said that everything to the last pothole and rooftop vent was carefully designed.

Among the many likable characters you will find in GTA 4 we have to mention:

Phill Bell: An Italian business man who works for the big guys in Liberty City and "takes care" of the small fries who give problems or don't pay their dues on time.

Roman Bellic: This is Niko's cousin who is very ambitious and wants to "earn some money" and make a name for himself in Liberty City. He likes alcohol, women and works in his car shop business which he refers to as "Roman Bellic enterprises".

Vlad Glebov: Amusing Russian mafioso.

Many Escuela: This guy adds some latin spice to the game, he is better known by is accent and the reggaeton music which always accompanies his rampages.

Words simply can't describe what you will have to do in Liberty City, this game is sure to keep you hooked for hours because of it's amazing graphics and yes, all the "things that go down in this place".

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV - New Trailer will debut on 3.27.08

Grand Theft Auto IV - New Trailer will debut on 3.27.08


The final GTA IV - Grand Theft Auto IV trailer before game release, "Good Lord, What Are You Doing?" AKA "Everyone's a Rat", will debut on 3.27.08.

On 3.20.08, the official GTA IV site will be updated with new radio station reveals, as well as new downloads, screenshots and more.

Monday, October 15, 2007

GTAIV could best Halo 3's debut

GTAIV could best Halo 3's debut
By Brendan Sinclair

Janco Partners' Mike Hickey says Rockstar's latest could "conceivably" ship 9.5 million in the first week, more than twice Microsoft's 4.4 million.

In announcing Halo 3's first-week sales of $300 million, Microsoft called it "the fastest-selling video game ever." That record might be relatively short-lived, if a new report from Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey proves accurate.

Hickey attributes the success of Halo 3 to a growing fan base for the franchise, a general demand for high-quality content, and the game's release early in the current generation's life cycle. Those same factors will be playing into next year's release of Grand Theft Auto IV, Hickey said. In addition, the Xbox 360 installed user base will be significantly larger by the time GTA IV comes out, and the addition of a PlayStation 3 edition of the game should boost sales significantly as well. Putting those factors together, Hickey suggests that the market is generally underestimating the next GTA game's initial success.

With Halo 3, Hickey believes Microsoft shipped 5.2 million copies of the game for its first week of release, and sold through 4.4 million. That leads to a 67 percent attach rate (percentage of all console owners who purchased the game) in the US, Hickey said. He believes that rate dips to 46 percent when adding in Europe.

Although Hickey doesn't think Grand Theft Auto IV will sell to as large a percentage of Xbox 360 owners, he notes that the expanding installed user base for the Xbox 360 and PS3 could offset whatever shortcoming there is. Even with a projected attach rate of only 20 percent (which Hickey stresses is very conservative), that would indicate first-week sales for the game of 3.5 million units. Hickey seemed more comfortable with a 30 percent attach rate, which would suggest first-week shipments of 5.3 million copies. But there's also a best-case scenario.

"If the upcoming release of GTA IV attached at the same rate as Halo 3," Hickey wrote, "the title could conceivably ship 9.5 million units of [the] game in the first week, producing an astonishing $466 million in sales." In such a case, Hickey projects first-week sales of the game would approach 8.1 million copies.

Source: Yahoo! Games

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

GTAIV: Sony will lop $100 off its new PS3 80GB model

Sony will lop $100 off its new PS3 80GB model - $499 80GB PS3 by year's end

Wedbush Morgan Securities predicts Sony will lop $100 off its new console to spur holiday sales, says further cuts possible alongside GTAIV and MGS4.

Sony had a bumpy ride at the E3 Media & Business Summit. The event kicked off with the company announcing that the 60GB PlayStation 3 was being reduced to $499 alongside the introduction of a new 80GB model with a $599 price tag. The move was widely hailed by analysts as a long-overdue attempt to boost the console's sales. But on E3's last day, Sony confirmed that the 60GB model was no longer in production, leaving the 80GB as the sole SKU when suppliers of its elder sibling run out.

Today, though, two of the industry's more prominent analysts predicted that the days of the $599 PS3 are numbered. In a note sent out this morning, Wedbush Morgan Securities' Michael Pachter and Edward Woo predicted the 80GB console will also see $100 knocked off its price point before the all-important holiday seasons begins.

"The PS3 will remain at $499, with the 80GB model replacing the 60GB model at that same price point," Pachter told GameSpot.

Pachter and Woo also repeated their prediction that Sony might further discount the PS3 early next year to coincide with two highly anticipated games for the platform: the exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and Grand Theft Auto IV, which is also coming to the Xbox 360.

Source: Tor Thorsen (Videogames.Yahoo)